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Affinasoft has proven the best service provider to our working partners and clients, by providing a great services in the fields of,

Data Migration

Affinasoft has been doing Data Migration with accuray, converting the data from Legacy systems to Modern Systems.

DMS (Document Management Systems)

Document Management System is an easy to use, browser-based system that allows your organization to secure, share, track and manage documents. It supports Version-control, Review and Approval Cycles, Audit Logs, Alerts, Scanning, Access Control, Automatic Indexing, Full-text Search, Document Profiles, Custom properties, and more!

Staff Augmentation

Under Staff Augmentation Services, we offer skilled and highly qualified IT Professional as per your temporary or permanent requirements.

CRM (Customer Relation Management)

Affinasoft has developed a CRM package as per exact requirements of the Client.


Affinasoft uses State-of-the-art technologies to create our e-learning programs. We have a team of very experienced professionals which include Instructional designers, script writers, translators, animators from the e-learning domain with a dedicated Domain consultant. We also make sure that our e-learning modules are SCORM (Shared Content Object Reference Model) 1.2 / SCORM 2004 compliant and compatible with most known LMS (e.g. SABA, Blackboard, Adobe Connect etc.). We understand that success of the solution is decided by the user. Thus our Approach is of User Centered Design UCD and Usability analysis and testing justifies and assures ROI of the Solution.


Finance is emerging as one of the most significant growth industries, driven by the emergence of new specialized practice areas and shifts in professional responsibilities.

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Information Technology is once again on the road to growth. This is an exciting time for these industries. We, at affinasoft, Inc are dedicated to helping companies achieve strategic goals.

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Today's healthcare industry is continuously challenged by the escalating costs, concerns about safety and consumer interest in quality. Fortunately, innovations in information.

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We live in a world that seems to be filled with much more risk than ever before. Whether that's a perception or reality, the truth is that this is probably the most challenging period...

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AffinaSoft helps enterprises worldwide in achieving business transformation by leveraging deep industry and technology expertise. Our expert services team enable you to achieve your IT goals on time and within budget. AffinaSoft delivers end-to-end global enterprise solutions, including package evaluation and selection...

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