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Today's healthcare industry is continuously challenged by the escalating costs, concerns about safety and consumer interest in quality. Fortunately, innovations in information technology now provide viable solutions that can radically transform clinical care while eliminating unnecessary costs from the healthcare system.

For many years, affinasoft Inc has been providing services to the healthcare industry. We are aware of the intricacies and special needs of healthcare providers and have the ability and knowledge necessary to recruit qualified candidates for each project. As an Information Technology service provider, affinasoft Inc understands how critical technology is to medical groups, hospitals, healthcare providers and long-term care providers.

Affinasoft's consultants possess significant healthcare backgrounds, shortening the learning curve that comes with any new assignment. This helps healthcare organizations increase efficiency, reduce medical errors, meet regulatory requirements, and enhance revenue cycle management. affinasoft, Inc has consulting experience in IT infrastructure, applications and communications support as it relates to benefits administration, group healthcare, group underwriting, HIPAA, revenue management, patient status, prescription systems, rate quotations, claims systems and renewal systems. Our healthcare experience and specialized customer service makes Affinasoft, Inc an ideal partner for any IT or communications project.


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