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Affinasoft is a US headquatered IT outsourcing company whose aim is to deliver high quality knowledge-based services using a cost optimized global delivery model. This company relies on collective contributions o its experienced team to deliver specialized services of the highest quality in IT services.

Affinasoft is founded by IT architects with years experience in implementation of large projects across many industries.

AffinaSoft industry specialists add value that translates ito successful results. While many industries, our specialists have a deep understanding of your industry and technologies that are specific to your business.


AffinaSoft has executed projects for large global corporations in the areas of data conversions, product support, software product development and enterprise integrations. Most of our projects use offshore/onshore model where we have project manger and arctects working from onshore, while core development is done from offshore.

AffinaSoft provides consultants with expertise in J2EE, .NET, SQL Server, Oracle, SAP, BizTalk, Sterling Multi Channel Selling suite of products, Perl, Ruby on Rails, MySql.


Finance is emerging as one of the most significant growth industries, driven by the emergence of new specialized practice areas and shifts in professional responsibilities.

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Information Technology is once again on the road to growth. This is an exciting time for these industries. We, at affinasoft, Inc are dedicated to helping companies achieve strategic goals.

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Today's healthcare industry is continuously challenged by the escalating costs, concerns about safety and consumer interest in quality. Fortunately, innovations in information.

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We live in a world that seems to be filled with much more risk than ever before. Whether that's a perception or reality, the truth is that this is probably the most challenging period...

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AffinaSoft helps enterprises worldwide in achieving business transformation by leveraging deep industry and technology expertise. Our expert services team enable you to achieve your IT goals on time and within budget. AffinaSoft delivers end-to-end global enterprise solutions, including package evaluation and selection...

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